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Exciting New Online Series: Fashion Redressed, Waste2Wear Reaches Global Audience

Waste2Wear Fashion Redressed

Waste2Wear is participating in the BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions’ Fashion Redressed series, in association with the Global Fashion Agenda. This series, featuring our manufacturing partner Kim Duc, will focus on showcasing initiatives that are transforming the fashion industry. This collaboration with BBC Storyworks will highlight our efforts in recycling waste plastic into fabrics, a process […]

Strengthening Our Production Chain with Kim Duc Partnership

Waste2Wear and Kim Duc

Kim Duc will now be the leading producer of a wide variety of RPET and RPP shoppers and bags fit for everyday use. The raw material for these bags comes from plastic bottles, large domestic appliances and single use take-away food containers. Both companies help their clients reach their UN SDGs by producing responsibly and […]

Waste2Wear dresses Jane Goodall event

Waste2Wear team with Dr. Jane Goodall

Waste2Wear has been supporting and sponsoring The Jane Goodall Institute NL for many years. We were proud to provide all staff and volunteers at the recent Jane Goodall events in The Netherlands with unique uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles. Every positive action counts and every piece of recycled plastic counts! Photo credit: Roy Borghouts […]

Monique presents at The Business Women of Egypt Annual International Conference

Annual International Conference in Cairo

Some of our senior management are spending time in Vietnam with a variety of new suppliers who can handle the upcoming capacity of the RPP orders and other business. Monique Maissan was in Egypt to attend and present at The Business Women of Egypt 21 & Women for Success 8th Annual International Conference in Cairo.

New Team Members Announced – Staff Expansion

Waste2Wear team

Jerry Xing is our new QC Manager in China. He and Stefan worked together for Hema in China for 7 years making them a strong addition to our QC team. Max Lei will now be working more closely with Neil Pearson in Supply Chain Support. After many years as our financial controller, Seven Xie has […]

Waste2wear Presents Rpp Products From China to Europe on Major Trade Fairs

Golden Apples Fair in Guangdong

The team also hosted a booth at the Golden Apples Fair in Guangdong where they made several new key contacts. They were also awarded two trophies in the Golden Apples Awards for: Plastic Packaging, Plastic Products Design Innovation Award for recycled polypropylene bags (RPP). Innovative Recycling Model Award for Blockchain.           […]

Creative and Sustainable, Waste2Wear Offers Recycled Canvas With Colart / Liquitex

Recycled Canvas Colart / Liquitex

Colart Recycled Canvasses Another world-first for Waste2Wear: After almost 2 years of R&D we mastered the craft of creating recycled canvas fabric that is suitable for oil and acrylic paint and is set to revolutionize the art world. The first production run is being launched by the renowned ‘Liquitex’ brand. Already the Waste2Wear sales team […]

Sustainable Design at Its Best; Junk Kouture

Waste2Wear at Junk Kouture

Junk Kouture Junk Kouture is the world’s largest sustainable fashion platform for youth, unleashing their creative brilliance across Ireland, France, London, Milan, New York and Abu Dhabi.     Waste2Wear sponsored the ‘Purposeful Plastic ‘ award at the World Final in Abu Dhabi alongside fellow sponsors Deloitte and Etihad. Olivier had the honour of presenting […]

Important Canadian Sustainable Win for Waste2Wear

Waste2Wear Packaging Innovation Award

Waste2Wear Wins Award For Sustainable Packaging Waste2Wear is delighted to win the 2022 Packaging Association of Canada (PAC) Packaging Innovation Award of Distinction for their recycled polypropylene (RPP) bags. This prestigious award was earned in recognition of their totally traceable bags made from recycled polypropylene (RPP) for a variety of glocal brands including Mars and […]

MYoMY & Waste2Wear

MYoMY bag

In 2007, Waste2Wear founder and CEO Monique Maissan identified a technique to make polyester from PET plastic bottles. Initially, not much was possible, and she had to do a lot of tests to get the yarns to a certain level so that really nice usable polyester fabrics could be made from it, (whether or not […]

Waste2Wear At Intertextile Shanghai 2021

Waste2Wear At Intertextile Shanghai

Even though the world had to slow down during the pandemic, Waste2Wear kept innovating to find sustainable solutions to stop plastic pollution. That is why Waste2Wear will be at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, which attracts thousands of apparel fabrics suppliers and over 73,500 visitors. It is the world’s most important destination for sourcing fabrics […]

Zurita: Sustainable Beauty

Sustainable Fashion Leader Monica

ZURITA encourages smart sustainable consumption where high quality and versatile clothing leads to enduring wardrobe choices. They have recently collaborated with Waste2Wear as both companies have similar ideals about being a force for good in the fashion industry. The quality fibers created by Waste2Wear result in fabrics that have a soft hand feel and are […]

Waste2Wear Presents: The Cooling Polyester

Cooling Polyester Waste2Wear

The Korean customer is selling a lot of bedsheets, covers etc in their summer collection. One of the hottest products is a cooling mattress protector (pun intended…). Their current models are made with virgin polyester, and they want to replace this with a more sustainable option. They reached out to Eva, and she started working […]

WESSLING & Waste2Wear: RPET Assurance Partnership

RPET Verification Collaboration

Recycling targets have already been laid down in year 1994 in Europe. The “Single-Use Plastics Directive 2” for example says that it is appropriate to call for a minimum content of recycled material in plastic bottles. With such products on market advertised to have a specific content of recycling material, and with laws asking to […]

Sustainable Fashion On The Chinese Agenda

Sustainable Fashion China

READY FOR NEW MARKET At Waste2Wear we find ourselves in the middle of this exciting development. China is the largest producer of textiles and apparel globally, and our founder Monique Maissan came to Shanghai with the textile industry more than 20 years ago.  Our head office is in Shanghai, but until recently our customers have been international. This is definitively set to change now. We are very excited […]

Reducing Risk Of Greenwashing Of RPET

Waste2Wear RA-3 Recycling Assurance

Brands and buyers of textiles from all over the world have stepped up in demanding better working conditions, and improvements have been achieved. In China this is visible for instance in comparisons of CSR standard reporting across industries, where the textile industry now ranks among the highest partly because of pressure from the buyers. However, […]

Fashion United Sustainability Special

sustainable shopping bag

Waste2Wear started research on how to use polyester from recycled plastics in the early 2000s, and has made high quality RPET based products since 2008. The experience and knowledge about working with a source material quite different from virgin polyester enables the team to deliver a large variety of textile qualities and finished products. Working […]

Waste2Wear announces partnership with Global Fashion Platform Junk Kouture

partnership with Junk Kouture

The Waste2Wear ‘Creative for a Cause’ award will reward a design team who have researched meaningful causes, ones which resonates with them, which inspired the design of their entry. The Junk Kouture platform focuses on empowering it’s participants through engaging in a community of likeminded creatives and providing the world’s youth with a creative voice […]

Waste2Wear Wins Sustainable Business Award

Waste2Wear Wins Sustainable Business Award

Competing in this category were large multinational companies, so it is extra special that the 11 professional judges deemed fit that a SME player earned The Award this year. Waste2Wear was recognized for their true corporate social values along with their tireless dedication to and innovation in sustainability, for the benefit of the environment. For […]

Covid-19: Increased Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste

Household Trash Did Increase Significantly Worldwide, waste increase numbers are staggering. In Hong Kong, people have used 2.2. times more throw-away plastics related to takeout packages since the outbreak, compared with the same time period last year. Deliveries were up by 25% in March, April and May in China. The volume of household waste in […]

Covid-19: Global Plastic Bans And Policies

Plastic Waste

What We Do Now Will Define The Future Of Our Planet. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve seen plastic bans and waste reduction policies being revoked by governments and businesses. The impact of Covid-19 is indeed unprecedented, but the urgency to stop polluting our planet is still there. It’s therefore important that governments and businesses continue the journey they […]

Mandela Day: 18 July

Mandela Day

During Mandela Day, which will be held online this year due to corona, the book “Ubuntu, we are the Earth” will be presented. The book based on the (South) African Ubunty philosophy of life is an annual collaboration between Ubuntu Society and Herman van Veen (Arts Center). This year, with the theme “sustainability” in special […]


Our CEO Monique Maissan will speak with Milo Tricot, Creative Director and Consultant of Mireia Lopez  about the social economic implications of fisheries + covid, The Ocean Plastic Project and the environmental impact from transforming plastic waste into new sources. Inspiring Range Of Ocean Related Talks In this interview range, starting July 10, GFX brought together brilliant minds […]

Re-Usable Face Masks Made Of Rpet

Re-Usable Face Masks

As The World Moves Toward Reopening, And The Knowledge Around COVID-19 Is Increasing, Masks Are Becoming A Part Of Our Daily Life. And In Some Ways, Their Evolution Is A Clear Example Of How Much Life Has Changed In Just A Few Months. The Regulations Around The Use Of Masks Vary By Country And Even […]

The Innovative Couturier Gaurav Gupta Bonds With Waste2Wear To Push Recycled Plastics

Gaurav Gupta Bonds With Waste2Wear

On World Environmental Day 2020 The Brand Gaurav Gupta Pledged To Move Towards Shifting To Recycled Plastic Packaging. The luxury couture, eponymous gowns and exquisite tailored suits will be wrapped in a re-usable high quality clothing bag, completely made from recycled plastic bottles. The Designer Designer Gaurav Gupta whose main inspiration comes from nature, forest, […]

Proud To Have Been Part Of The EY Emerging Entrepreneur Award

EY Emerging Entrepreneur Award

Waste2Wear proudly stands among the distinguished honorees at the EY Emerging Entrepreneur Award, an illustrious celebration of innovation and success. This prestigious recognition marks a pivotal moment in our journey, affirming our commitment to sustainable excellence and pioneering solutions in the fashion industry. The EY Emerging Entrepreneur Award is a testament to our unwavering dedication […]

Waste2Wear’s Ocean Call: Leader in Action

Waste2Wear suit worn by the environmental leader

In the ever-pressing battle against environmental degradation, an influential environmental leader has emerged as a catalyst for change. Dressed in a symbolic Waste2Wear suit, this visionary figure stands as a beacon, passionately calling for collective action against ocean pollution. In a world where the health of our oceans hangs in the balance, this call to […]

Sven Bleekemolen

Sven Bleekemolen is a Dutch entrepreneur and textile engineer. He is a versatile executive with a broad skill set and experience in a global marketplace. Lived and worked in Europe, Indonesia, and Turkey. Solid expertise in management of start-up to mature fashion companies in competitive wholesale and retail markets.

In his role as director of several companies, Sven built strong knowledge of international wholesale, retail, B2B sales, production and brand development. He has a strategic and innovative mindset, always focused on business development. He has a record of identifying opportunities and leading diverse teams to surpass revenue goals.

Sven has a strong focus on sustainability and is excited to discover the possibilities that lie in Waste2Wear’s groundbreaking material and blockchain technologies. He is committed to creating a major contribution to the business performance of Waste2Wear along with the transition to a more circular economy for a better outcome of the world.

Hein Barnhoorn

Olivier van Migem

Ruma Kinger

Rena Jiang

Rena Jiang has over 20 years experience in the textile industry. Knowing how polluting the industry is, Rena is proud to be making a positive impact by doing the right thing with Waste2Wear.

Christophe Marze

Christophe Marze has over 15 years specializing in structuring and powering up businesses in Asia. As a French national, he has spent many years living and working in Germany and in China. Christophe is passionate about continuous improvement, sustainability and compliance which are from him the pillars of a healthy business drive.

Jeroen van der Wind

Jeroen van der Wind is an entrepreneur, specializing in international trade within the textile and promotional industries in South East Asia for over three decades. He was managing partner of The Cookie Company for many years, producing licensed kids apparel for several multinational customers. In combination with a healthy business drive, he is determined to help further the Waste2Wear mission of relieving the planet of the plastic problem to create a better world, especially for his four adult children.

Eduardo Garza Garcia

Eduardo Garza Garcia is a Mexican designer and entrepreneur specializing in sustainable solutions for plastics. He has been pivotal in innovations including the industry-first recycled polypropylene (RPP) from discarded domestic appliances; a unique RPET verification method (RA-3) proving the recycled plastic content in materials and the industry-first blockchain technology. Thanks to his innovations, Waste2Wear has won several prestigious environmental awards. Eduardo is truly an innovator in the world of recycled plastics constantly working for new ways to bring more transparency to the recycling industry.

Stefan Kleijkamp

Stefan Kleijkamp is a highly experienced Global Quality and Compliance Manager with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Originally from the Netherlands, Stefan has spent the last two decades working in Asia, with 17 of those years in China. He is fluent in Chinese and has worked with a wide range of product groups including textile, apparel, hard goods and plastics. Throughout his career, Stefan has held positions in quality and compliance management for both large and medium sized companies, as well as in purchasing and logistics. His extensive experience has given him a deep understanding of the challenges and issues facing the industry, particularly in relation to traceability of recycled materials such as textile, cotton and polyester. With his expertise in quality and compliance, Stefan is dedicated to ensuring that the products and services provided by Waste2Wear meet the highest standards in quality, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Monique Maissan

Monique Maissan is a Dutch entrepreneur and textile engineer specializing in sustainable solutions for the industry. As CEO and founder of Waste2Wear, she leads a committed team in creating products and services for a better future. Her vision has driven the company to produce fabrics and products made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET) and recycled polypropylene (RPP) plus award winning blockchain and RPET verification test RA-3.

Monique has won several industry awards, most recently:

Finalist of “Future Leader” World Sustainability Awards 2022;
“Outstanding Achiever” of Global Green Economic Forum, Women Eco Game Changer Awards 2022;
“Woman Leader in Plastic Recycling” Plastic Recycling Conference Asia** 2022;
“The Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year” of Entrepreneurs’ Organization*** 2021.

She is constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to recycle more plastic. Monique’s drive comes from her determination to do her part to leave this world in a better place for her two adult children and all of the next generation